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Wedding Reception Lawn Games

What's a fun and different way to bring your guests together and create lasting memories? With lawn games at your reception!

Bringing back the old tradition of lawn games at outdoor parties is becoming popular again at wedding receptions. Set up the croquet, bean bag toss, ladder ball, or any other lawn game and watch the fun begin! At a recent wedding reception, The Empress Estate Wedding Venue had lawn games and everyone had a blast!

It can be a fun and unexpected way to personalize your reception with customized boards that incorporate your colors or theme!

lawn games bag toss.jpg

Your guests, from young to old, will get in on the fun! It can be a great icebreaker for friends and family from the bride's and the groom's sides to meet each other.


It also provides great shots for the photographer to be able to catch those rare moments during the reception that will last a lifetime.

lawn games.jpg

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