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Let's Talk About Food!

As we transition into 2014, one of the big questions we get at The Empress Estate is, "what are the trends for the New Year?" Well today we are going to focus on one aspect that we find VERY important to making your big day a success... FOOD! Everyone loves to eat after all! Food is an element of a Wedding that can make or break the experience for you, your significant other as well as your guests. However, it's not as simple as just choosing good food. How will the food be presented? How will the food be served? There are several elements to take into consideration when it comes to food on your big day. We are going to address some of 2014's trends on food to help you figure out this important element for your big day!

Food Choices:

Choose seasonally! If you're having a Spring wedding, choose menu items that highlight spring produce! For example, you could serve a delicious fresh spinach salad, delicious grilled asparagus, slow roasted carrots drizzled with olive oil and rosemary, and sauteed salmon with rhubarb marmalade! One of our favorite dishes here at The Empress Estate that highlights Spring produce is Chef Michael's delicious hot artichoke parmesan dip. It makes us hungry just thinking about it! Adapting your food selections around the season you are getting married in will ensure you have the freshest, most vibrant, and delicious food on your big day.


While 2013 trends leaned towards the casuality of a rustic country style wedding, 2014 is proving a modern twist on times past; Think The Great Gatsby. Gatsby style romance and elegance is back! However, 2014 is proving to lean towards lighter hors d'oeuvre style fare presented in a cocktail hour setting like our Topaz Catering Package, or fare presented in modern individual servings such as individual shrimp cokctail shooters in tall shot glasses. The key overlying theme in presentation for 2014 is "Me" instead of "We"!


2014 is serving up some new hot serving styles! With the shift from 2013's casual elegance, and/or over the top grandeur, 2014's trends are moving towards a happy medium! Rather than buffets, 2014 trends are gravitating toward food served to the individuals at the tables. However, while this can seem rather formal one current trend is serving food "family style" to each table. This style of service can create a sense of community and family, engaging the table in conversation rather than hearding them through an impersonal buffet line. This is not to say that buffets are completely out in 2014! One hot item for the new year is dessert buffets. Try presenting an array of desserts such as cheesecake bites, a cookie display, brownie bites, and cake bites in single portions to guests on a modern buffet setting!

Now who's hungry!? All this talk about food sure does make your mouth water!

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