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We Love Elopements!

It can't be denied that there is a new trend in the wedding business: couples having an elopement style ceremony with no reception, a mini reception, or a reception at a later date. The Empress Estate loves the idea of providing couples the ability to say "I do" on a whim through our new Pearl Package and Mini-Valentine's Day Package! Whether you want a smaller ceremony, don't want to plan an extravagent day, or are looking for a cheaper alternative, an elopment package may be just what you are looking for.

What are the upsides to an elopement style ceremony? We think elopements allow couple to have:

1) A smaller more initimate feel

2) Less Planning

3) Less Expenses

4) Flexibility in planning and expenses

5) Expedited nuptials

So why are so many couples choosing a less traditional route? While there are many reasons, we would like to highlight a few that stand out to us. With the stress of day-to-day life of the modern couple, we think opting for an elopment style package is a way couples are choosing to reduce the amount of stress planning a wedding can place on them. From kids, work, school, pets, community involvment, family and friends as responsibilities and/or stressors, modern couples are busy! Choosing an elopement style ceremony can be one way couples are opting out of additional stress and responsibility.

Another reason we'd like to highlight is money. With the economy still in recovery, a huge elaborate ceremony isn't feasible for everyone. Choosing an elopement style ceremony allows a couple to have their big day at a fraction of the cost, but with all the joy and romance of a lavish over the top ceremony. Choosing an elopement package also allows the couple to have the flexibility to have no reception, a mini-reception afterwards, or save for a while before hosting a reception for all their friends and family! Elopement packages allow flexibility for the couple both financially and planning wise. Plus, who doesn't love getting to celebrate their nuptials again and again? Committing your life to someone is something that can and should be celebrated all the time in our opinion! Would you ever consider and elopment stlye ceremony? Why, or why not?

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