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What Is a Unity Ceremony?

A unity ceremony is a symbolic representation of the joining together of two individuals or families during a wedding ceremony. It can take many forms. Below are just some examples of different unity ceremonies you can do...

Lighting the Candle Together

Unity Candle

~Lighting a unity candle

~Blending sand together

~Braiding the Cross

~Planting/Watering a tree

~Make a sandwich of 2 ingredients like PB&J

~Pouring wine or water into a common vessel

~Creating a unity puzzle


~Breaking bread together

~Writing love letters and sealing them in a box/time capsule

~Take a shot together

~Unity painting

~Exchanging unity bracelets or necklaces

~Jump the broom

~The Lasso

~Breaking Glass

~Parents/Grandparents Bless the Rings by holding/kissing them

...and more! What other unity ceremonies can you think of?


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