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To Throw or Not To Throw The Bouquet

The question of doing a bouquet toss is entirely up to preference, but many brides fear that it unfairly singles out their unmarried guests. Here are some other ideas to help make your decision;

  1. Traditional: Throw your actual bouquet

  2. Trending: Have a smaller arrangement as your toss bouquet (preserving your bouquet as a forever souvenir)

  3. Anniversary Dance: The last couple standing "wins" the bouquet

  4. Personally hand the bouquet to a special guest

  5. Alternative: Have ribbons attached to the bouquet. Play a song and the guests go around in a circle. The bride closes her eyes and cuts the ribbons one at a time. The last guest with a ribbon attached wins!

  6. Bridesmaids bouquets: Give the arrangements to guests as favors

Photo: Orions Eye Photography


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