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Sending Off in Style ~

Send-offs are a magical time where you say goodbye to your guests and hello to your new life together! All guests join in one spot to celebrate your new union. There are many traditional send-offs such as rice and petals, but here are some fresh new ideas to spark some inspiration!

Sparklers - a popular favorite!

Ribbon or Streamer Wands - you can create a colorful or simple white elegant exit

LED Wands - pick all the same color or create a colorful theme

Glow Sticks - rave anyone? A fun neon exit!

Lanterns - write a special passage on yours and have everyone release them at the same time into the night sky.....

Butterfly Release - - butterflies still in your stomach? Your heart still fluttering? Releasing butterflies can signify love and it's a great way to honor lost loved ones that couldn't be there in person.

Bubbles - perfect for Summer weddings

Light Sabers - a Star Wars fan favorite especially on May 4th!

Play an instrument like tambourines or bells (maybe even add bells to your streamer/ribbon wand)

Pom Poms - Prom themed wedding?


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