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First Look, First Touch, or First Sight Going Down The Aisle

Do I want to keep it traditional and want him to see me for the first time going down the aisle? Do I want to catch his reaction in pictures? Do I want to hold his hand, but not see him until we walk down the aisle? Do we want to share our vows in private? These are some of the questions you may be asking yourself when deciding how to see each other for the first time on your wedding day. We are here to give you some insight to help you make your decision.

First Look:

  1. That moment when you touch his shoulder and he turns around to see his beautiful bride-to-be. That first expression will be caught on camera forever.

  2. Having both of your reactions recorded instead of just one when you look at each other down the aisle

  3. Have a private moment or have specific family/friends or the wedding party be part of your special moment!

  4. First looks help with both of your nerves so when you see each other down the aisle, it's nothing but good butterflies!

  5. Allows you to have more time for photos

First Touch:

1. Holding hands or standing back to back allows you to feel each other and build the excitement

2. Share your vows or prayers in private

3. Great photo opportunities, especially seeing the excitement and love - it's like being able to see the love

First Sight:

1. Tradition - keeping it traditional so everyone is just as surprised as the groom

2. Element of Suprise - seeing each other for the first time going down the aisle - the emotions! the excitement!


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