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Promise & Jonathan 11/02/2019

Promise moved from Alabama to Washington in 2012. When she got to Washington, she started attending the church that her dad was going to work at. It was then that she met Jon for the first time, but they didn't start dating until later.

She ended up dating another guy, and while dating the other guy, Jon became her closest friend. Once the other guy and Promise broke up, Jon and her got very close and started dating (which, turns out, was his plan the entire time). He even took classes that she was taking just to be with her!

They started dating November 1st of 2014. A little less than a year after they started dating, she got accepted into the college that she was wanting to attend. Soon after, she found out that Jon was going to be attending the same college! She told Jon that she didn't want to get married in college because of all the stress.

Fast forward to 2018, Jon graduated from college and Promise still had a year left to go. Due to health conditions, she had became very depressed and anxious all the time. Jon decided he was going to see Promise every weekend (Friday-Sunday) to spend time with her. To her, it was so amazing to see his commitment because he worked an 8-5 job everyday and then he would drive 3 hours over the pass to see her.

In June of 2019, Promise graduated college and moved back in to her parents' place. Not even a month later, Jonathan proposed in a helicopter over Seattle and they set their wedding date for the day after their anniversary.

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