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Ignacio & Sara 08.18.2019

Ignacio & Sara's love story started years ago when they first met. They were working for the same bank but in different branches and from time to time their paths would cross but had never really met. A few years passed and Sara was promoted to a different district and their paths stopped crossing. A few months later, fate would reunite them and this time they would finally be given an opportunity to truly meet one another. Without knowing it, they had both been signed up to attend a two day training seminar. Ignacio had arrived first and ran into some friends who made plans together to go to lunch. Sara walked in late because, as she would say, "she got lost and almost turned around" but she decided it was better late the never. He still remembers the moment she walked into the room, his heart skipped a beat. He doesn't know if she noticed him at that time, but when they broke for lunch, she asked if she could join their group and it turned into their first unofficial sushi date. The next day, they went to lunch and got know one another a little better. In the next few weeks, they just kept talking in and out of work, one date turned into two and then turned into a kiss.

Venue: The Empress Estate

Photographer: Brooke Sweet with B.Sweet Imagery

Wedding Coordinator: The Empress Estate & Epic Events Global

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