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Abby & Jere 08.25.2019

Abby & Jere met in November of 2016 in Jere’s living room - Abby actually met Jere's mom at the same time cause she was in town visiting. Jere's roommate was dating one of Abby's longtime friends. Their first group date was trivia, and second dinner date was giant sushi, although Abby was too embarrassed to eat in front of Jere because the sushi was so messy!

Abby have always been into Disney and in love with princesses. Rapunzel is her favorite. So, when she planned a trip to Disneyland for Memorial Day weekend 2018, Jere knew he had to propose. He actually bought the ring after only a year of dating but he saved it for this trip. Funny thing about the proposal, the bag check guy at Disney made Jere take the ring out of the bag when he was still trying to keep it hidden from Abby, but she was too excited about being at Disney to notice!! Jere proposed in front of Flynn Rider and Rapunzel in Disneyland, on the side of the castle. Abby knew he was about to propose when they stood next to the characters for a picture and he was shaking like crazy.

As Rapunzel would say, “Best day ever”!

Of course she said yes.

So, of course, they had to have a Rapunzel themed wedding! Which is why the empress estate was perfect!

Venue: The Empress Estate

Photography: Lumi Iremeskyu

Florals: Lilacs and Lilies

Dress: BHLDN

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