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Lauren & Scott 06/14/2019

Lauren & Scott met through a mutual friend at the movies on May 16th, 2010, and were really not that fond of each other right away. Scott thought Lauren was a little stuck-up, and Lauren thought Scott was a skinny doof that wore flip flops. Throughout the next week or so, their new little friend group continued to spend time together, and then Lauren & Scotts attention gradually shifted towards each other. Lauren noticed Scott's romantic side, she was all for some romance and being swept off her feet! Scott was excited to learn that Lauren really was not that stuck up, and had a 'pretty chill personality.' The couple finally began spending time together alone and became 'Facebook official' on June 5th, 2010!

Lauren & Scott spent many weekends and random nights adventuring out to the Oregon coast as well as the Long Beach peninsula. They found that they really enjoy the quiet, small towns along the coast. Long Beach, WA especially became the couples special spot. This is where they had our first kiss and where Scott proposed, on March 31st, 2017. Along their 9 year journey, wthe couple learned to enjoy every moment they had together. Lauren & scott are each other's safe place and feel like they can conquer anything as long as they do it together!

Lauren & Scott look forward to buying a house within the next few years and filling it with at least 5 dogs! Lauren even has names planned out for them! The newlyweds plan on honeymooning in Italy in 2020, and definitely not stopping there. Their biggest goal is to adventure out and see the world and experience new cultures, and create lasting memories from our epic adventures!


Hair/Makeup: Glam Beauty Bar, Camas, WA Audio: Reign AV Photography: Natalie Secrest Photo Natalie Secrest - Portland Photographer

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