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Ariel & Jesse's Love Story

Ariel & Jessie

Their love story

Once upon a time… It’s a story you’ll hear over and over again but for Jesse and Ariel, the tale was all too familiar for these musicians from Washington state. Their love of music and art had caused their paths to cross one too many times to go unnoticed. The couple regularly enjoys playing music with friends and family, and thrive on the relationships they’ve built with their community through their art. From the bouquets and boutonnière’s made entirely of donated antique brooches, to simplistic charcoal and red color scheme- The Empress Estate was the perfect, charming place for their classy, “vintage fairytale” wedding to take place. Having the breathtaking landscaping and valley view to exchange vows in front of, the spacious lodge to host their reception in, and the story-book estate itself to host their wedding party overnight truly made everything as ‘happily ever after’ for them as they’d wished for.

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