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Springing Into Spring!

Outdoor weddings in the Pacific Northwest in spring are always a toss up between rain and sunshine. The last thing a Bride should have to worry about is where the ceremony should be held in case of inclement weather! There should always be a Plan A and Plan B just in case the weather wants to play a couple tricks the night before or day of. Here are some tips to make sure you're still gettting the wedding of your dreams, even if you have to change last minute;

Make sure the decor is easy to move. Florists nowadays are able to create such elaborate and detailed centerpieces and arrangements, but it also makes it harder to move them! I always recommend brides asking their florist options for decor for inside vs. outside. Many florists are able to adapt in the moment, but we want to make sure the wedding day will still run as smoothly as possible. Some venues are very specific about real or fake flowers being used indoor or outdoor so make sure to check that the decor will be able to be incoporated regardless of where you're celebrating!

Double check your footwear. Outdoor weddings are beautiful but they can come at a price...take care of your feet! If your wedding is held in an outdoor area with mostly grass double check that your shoes or clothing won't be stained with grass or mud. If there's a chance of rain the night before or day of, there are plastic attachments you can add to your heels to make sure you don't sink in to the grass. We don't want to worry about anyone getting stuck during the ceremony!

Location, location, location. Like I mentioned earlier, have a Plan A and Plan B! If you have your heart set on being married outside, double check if the venue has a tent they can provide. If not, have a plan in place that will provide you with an suitable alternative, even if you have to do it the day of! If your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception have to be indoors, keep an eye on the weather. You never know when the clouds could break and give you a little but of sunshine for pictures!

Think about fluidity. Is your venue spread out? How far will guests have to walk outside? Some venues have multiple buildings and options for outdoor spaces. Yes, this is your special day, but keep in mind the transitions that will be occuring throughout the day. Make sure in your Plan A and Plan B you are accounting for how long it will take for guests to move from one space to another, and if it's more efficient to have your indoor space accommodate the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.

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