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How To Order Florals (Specific Ways to Get the Florals you want!)

Here are some steps to simplify your floral ordering process:

1. Know What Style You Want. Have pictures narrowed down from Pinterest of bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, etc, that you like. If you like a certain style but aren't sure what kind of flowers you want, give your florist creative liberty to design something for you based on an inspiration picture. If you have a specific kind of florals you want (or don't want), make sure you communicate that clearly. If you have a specific color you like, give your florist a paint swatch that matches the color you're thinking of.

2. Know What You Need. Here is a detailed list of what floral arrangements are typically used or needed:

-Bridal Bouquet

-Bridesmaids Bouquets

-Corsages for Mom's & Grandma's

-Flower Girl Petals

-Groom's Boutonnieres

-Groomsmen Boutonnieres

-Boutonnieres for Dad's, the Officiant, and the Ushers

-Florals for the Cake

Here are some floral arrangements that some couples want/need:

-Arrangements for centerpieces

-Arbor/Archway/Mantle florals for the Ceremony

-Arrangements for the aisle way for the Ceremony

-An arrangement for the Guestbook Table, Favor Table, or Memorial Table

Floral Arrangements that are typically not necessary:

-Arrangements for the Gift Table (typically, these arrangements just take up valuable space here)

-Arrangements for the buffet, bar or drink station

3. Narrow everything down. When discussing with your florist what you are ordering, have your photos, colors, and # of arrangements narrowed down to 1 photo per arrangement, 1 color palette, and be specific so there will be little room for misunderstanding.

4. Know what you are getting into. If you are ordering arrangements with specific flowers, or with lots of flowers, expect those arrangements to be high ticket. Things like specialty flowers can be anything from roses, orchids, peonies, or calla lilies, and often times florals can be more expensive in the off-season. To save money, order florals that are in season in the area you are getting married.

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