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Valentine's Day

Like weddings, Valentine's Day is often way-overcomplicated. This day does not have to be stressful or over-the-top, especially if you are on a budget due to WEDDING PLANNING! :)

Here are a few ways to celebrate without loosing your mind:

1. Cook a meal together. Plan a romantic meal and enjoy the process together. Play your favorite song & enjoy avoiding those restaurant crowds

2. Make hand-made cards instead of buying gifts or chocolates. Card making is a lost art, but it really shows your thought & creativity.

3. Do some spa activities together. At-home face masks, hair masks, massages or pedicures are a fun way to relax & spend time together!

4. DIY Cocktails & Board Games. Try out one of those cool recipes on Pinterest and play a new board game or card game!

5. Celebrate with Friends or Family. Wedding planning can be so consuming that sometimes friends or family get neglected. Take this opportunity to catch up with your other loved ones on this day of love!

We hope you have a great Valentine's Day this year. Don't forget to take some time to yourself!

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