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Surviving your first wedding show

One of the first things on every newly-engaged person’s list is “attend a wedding show.” You will find great ideas for every aspect of the process, from the #weddinginvitations to the #honeymoonsuite.

But how do you make the best use of your time with over 200 businesses putting on their best face to sell you their product or service?

Here are some survival tips for your first time at a #weddingshow:

1. Prepare to be overwhelmed, and that you may even come away slightly depressed. The eye candy at the show is undoubtedly going to make you yearn for more than your wedding budget can handle. These shows are the full red carpet treatment – a chance to dream, but sometimes out of the average person’s price range. Take the opportunity to get a feel for what you like – and what you don’t. Because the trending color and gown doesn’t matter if it isn’t right for you.

2. Of course it’s more fun with a friend! Don’t be afraid to put them to work. Divide the vendor room up for a quick, separate, sweep of the area. Write down the booth numbers of displays that really caught your attention. Then meet in the middle, and go back to those booths together, meet the staff, and take advantage of their special offers. If you still have time, and stamina, go ahead and shop till you drop! But you can visit every vendor’s websites and Facebook pages after you get home.

3. Take notes, but also use your smartphone! Take a picture instead of collecting hundreds of business cards. Take a picture of the booth and staff person you spoke to! Only take home what you can’t get somewhere else – like their limited time special offers – and the free swag!

4. After the show, take your friend for a drink and review. Which businesses really stood out to you? What are the questions you still have? What are your “must haves” now, compared to before? What is your follow-up plan, such as scheduling tours?

So to summarize - be prepared, be realistic, know yourself, and by all means enjoy the show!

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