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If you could, would you elope for the holidays?

Eloping is one way to avoid the stress and expense of pulling off

a major event that takes more than a year of advance preparation. If you want a holiday theme for your ceremony, the options for locations may be fewer and more expensive. Still, choosing to elope can be a great option for many reasons besides financing. Sometimes you’re in a big hurry to make it official because of a military deployment, impending job transfer, or the fragile health of a beloved family member you want to have included in your wedding day.

But a civil ceremony at City Hall is not the setting for the dream wedding most couples have in mind when they get engaged.

The good news is, wedding venues now often offer elopement packages. The “new” elopements are simply smaller, more intimate wedding ceremonies that come together over a few months instead of a year or more.

The EmpressEstate offers elopement style-wedding packages that allow you to have a memorable and enchanting ceremony at a unique and elegant mansion destination, and include your immediate family and your true BFF’s in the celebration.

Our Pearl Package allows for 2 hours of venue time with up to 20 guests starting at $990. We also offer an ala carte menu of special add-ons to enhance your elopement experience, such as appetizers or even lodging in our luxury B&B suites.

We are currently able to book elopements as far ahead as Valentine’s Day, 2016! Schedule a tour today with our online tour scheduler.

Photo by Jeff Allen of Orion's Eye Photography, an Empress Estate preferred professional.

Graphic credit: Rachel Wilkerson Miller

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