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Set the stage for a stress free wedding day

You have been dreaming about your wedding day all your life, and planning it for at least a year. Now it’s about to come true! Of course you want it to be perfect! Not only is it designed to be one of the most beautiful and romantic days of your life, but also THE MOST IMPORTANT party you will ever host! There are many ways to be your own worst enemy both before and during your wedding. We have listed our top three “DO NOTS” when tying the knot:

1. Be your own wedding coordinator. You have never planned an event of this scale before – but all you need are some checklists and a dream – what could go wrong?

Plenty, that’s what! Understand that making your vision of a dream wedding a reality may be beyond your skill set. Put your #fairytalewedding in the hands of the professionals. Delegating everything to your girlfriends, parents or cousins is one way to save on costs, but you still end up with the job of coordinating all of these people to be sure everyone is on track. Unless you have a friend with amazing professional project management skills, for a stress-free wedding day, make sure you have a day-of wedding coordinator. Any wedding venue or reception facility will be able to supply or refer you to one. Better yet, find a one-stop shopping wedding and reception venue, like The Empress Estate, and get a coordinator as part of the package. If you don’t have to rent linens, tables, chairs, glassware, and other essentials separately, that’s huge. One vendor, or six – which is less work?

2. Have the mindset that this is all about you, it’s YOUR day. What right does anyone else have to tell you what to include in your dream wedding?

Actually, it’s really not ALL about you! Your wedding day is also about family and friends! And no doubt you’ve had some help financing this dream – shouldn’t you let some of the love spill over onto those who helped make it happen? Especially your immediate family. There are so many heightened emotions around this tradition. Why? Because, it is the one day that symbolizes and celebrates both two lives joining together and two families joining together. Your union is the beginning of a whole new generation of family and traditions. The most joyful weddings we have witnessed are the ones where the couple made certain to include family members and make them feel important and a part of the whole experience.

3. Do not accept anything less than perfection. If something unplanned happens, find someone to blame and create a scene, or find someone who will do it for you.

Transforming yourself from Cinderella into an Ugly Step Sister is not a good look for you on your wedding day. Nobody wants to see that! Especially your dearly beloved! Even with the most meticulous planning, you cannot control what happens once things are in motion. People get nervous and say stupid things, forget their lines, trip over their dress, the sunny day predicted turns to rain – its out of your control. No wedding planner in the world can keep those human moments, or “acts of God”, from happening on your special day. If you decide in advance that you’re going to be joyful regardless of the glitches, you’ll truly have your #magicalweddingday.

Remember why you’re here – to celebrate that you are marrying your one true love, on this amazing day! Embrace it, with all it's surprises and imperfections. Let your friends and family surround you with love and delight in their presence and support. You will have so many more fun and joyful memories to share with your children and grandchildren later, laughing and reminiscing.

The Empress Estate offers all-inclusive and full-day venue plus catering packages to fit any budget, and an experienced planner is always included. Many of our preferred vendors have special offers for Empress couples! For a stress free wedding, call us today! Find out why we say "You wear the dress, we do the rest!"

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