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Amazing Photographers of The Empress Estate Part 2: William Rust of WJP

In our second profile of this series featuring our preferred photography vendors, we bring you the work of William Rust - William James Photography.

William James Photography

Vancouver, WA


For a couple looking to book the Empress Estate, William James Photography will offer a $100 discount off their Bravo Wedding Affair Package, or $50.00 off their Full Of Class Package. Contents and details of packages are on the website.?xml:namespace prefix = "o" /

Q. How do you describe your technique and what do you believe sets you apart from other photographers?

A. I focus on a light-hearted, no-holds-barred approach to my images. When I say it is all about the fun, that is exactly what I mean. I keep my images full of color and unique angles all while maintaining true image integrity without using filters that will date themselves as a trend. I was trained by a master photographer to shoot things in one image and not to take ten as it wastes time. This knowledgeable approach allows our couples to truly enjoy their party as opposed to being held down by their photographer to make up for what may be missing in their skill set.

Q. What do you consider your "signature shot"? How do you set it up?

A. Every wedding I shoot has its own signature shot that is canvas worthy. Usually my clients are attracted to my evening time photography as I’m known for hitting the streets at night when most photographers wouldn’t even consider going out. The evening time has so many unique colors and nuances that people find unique as a great night shot is rare!

Q. What is your technique for getting a camera-shy subject to photograph well?

A. We book clients that understand my personality early on. As mentioned earlier, being light hearted and easy going makes my approach to my camera-shy clients as inviting as it is to my outgoing clients who gobble it up. I’ve never had anyone not open up to me in front of the camera on the wedding day. It’s all about the personality baby!

Q. Was there a particular wedding you had the most fun shooting and why (at the Empress or anywhere else)?

A. We had a wedding about four years ago at a venue I knew by heart and it was closing its doors shortly after the wedding date. It was a sort of one last hurrah for us as photographers and we were amped for the day. Not only were our bride and groom stunning; the entire wedding party was beautiful and absolutely ready to party! That is exactly what we did. It was a throw-down, everyone’s hands in the air, bride and groom on top of the bar kind of celebration. Now THAT’S what I’m talking about. What a great day that was!

Q. What would you say is the biggest challenge for a photographer on the wedding day?

A. My biggest challenge of the wedding day is usually rounding up family or missing bridal party members to get shots done during the formal session. Where is that elusive Uncle Harry??? The show must go on!

Q. What is the best thing about working at The Empress Estate as a wedding photographer?

A. The Empress is a unique venue with tons of nooks and crannies I can’t wait to explore further. It has very grand signature shots available that are easy to obtain without having to hike four blocks to get to them. I also love how smoothly the venue flows for the events. Its easy to work with because of how easy it is to navigate. All in all, they have it down to a science, due to a great layout and method. This allows me to do my job even better.

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