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Winter Wonderland Weddings

What could be more romantic than getting married in a blanket of fresh snow with white lights highlighting the elegant surroundings? Then being able to come inside and relax by a warm roaring fire?

Winter is a fabulous time for a wedding ~ the seasonal ambiance of the peaceful snow reflecting white twinkle lights is a picturesque backdrop for any ceremony or reception. The indoors are also a reflection of the season, with rustic natural elements such as frosted branches and pinecones mixed in with tealight candles. Or focus on the icicle and sparkle of the frosty snow with rhinestones accenting an all-white decor theme.

Whatever your style, you couldn't ask for a more inviting, cozy, and romantic time of year. Plus you can take advantage of off-season pricing during the winter months!

Here at The Empress Estate, we love winter-themed weddings and being able to bring the outdoors in and re-create that feeling of the snow-blanketed outdoors for the bride and groom!


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