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Unique Ceremony Seating Ideas

It is the day that the bride and groom get to share their love for one another in front of their family and friends. So why not create customized ceremony seating for your guests to be able to share your vows in a personalized way? Here at the Empress Estate Wedding Venue, we love to be able to create your dream ceremony, whether it be with a large group or a small ceremony.

Traditional aisle seating is a great way to have all eyes on the couple, while allowing the bride to walk down the aisle in the way she has always dreamed about. It is especially popular when there is a breathtaking view behind the couple. The Empress Estate is lucky enough to be able to have such a view at our venue! Here is a photo from one of our previous weddings, showcasing our beautiful view~

2013-10-12 18.20.05.jpg

Circle, or Round style seating can create a more intimate feeling, even if you have a large number of guests. It still allows for the bride to walk down the traditional aisle, however it lets the guests be able to have a great view from all angles to witness the bride and groom recite their vows.


The Spiral ceremony seating is becoming more and more popular. Usually better for a small to mid-size guest count, the spiral lets the bride walk in front of all of her guests, showing off her dream wedding dress and being the focus of the ceremony from beginning to end...what bride wouldn't want that?!?

Spiral Ceremony.jpg
circle seating.jpg

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