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Non-Traditional Guest Book Ideas

Every Bride and Groom want to remember their special day and who was able to share it with them. Wedding Guest Books have been a traditional staple at weddings so that the newlyweds can do just that! However, more non-traditional options for the Guest Book have been becoming more and more popular. Here at The Empress Estate, a gorgeous Portland/Vancouver wedding venue, we have seen many creative options at our wedding ceremonies and receptions.

The Bride and Groom can personalize every detail for their guests, including having them sign items such as monogram letters or even river rock so that they can display these special memories in their homes for years to come!

It can also let the guests write special messages to the happy couple that many guests books don't have room for. They can send them special words of wisdom, advice, or anything they want to share with the couple. It can become an anniversary tradition for the couple to read through all these special memories each year and remember what an amazing day they shared with their family and friends!

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Guest Book Options.jpg

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