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Autumn/Winter Wedding Dress Trends 2014

With the Autumn and Winter wedding seasons just around the corner here at The Empress Estate, we thought it would be an ideal time to showcase a few of the wedding dress trends for brides that will be saying "I Do" in the upcoming months. Here in the Portland and Vancouver area, that also means cooler weather is approaching and these trends can help brides still wear the dress they want in any season!

Lace with Nude Underlay: Want the look of a gorgeous lace wedding dress without the goosebumps? Nude underlays have been appearing under lace gowns, which gives the bride the romantic feeling of lace on her dream wedding dress that allows it to be worn any time of the year. (Photo: Rivini)


Colder weather doesn't always have to mean longer sleeves on bridal gowns. Feminine capes are a great alternative for brides that want the option of covering up if needed and then removing the cape for the reception! Detailed lace capes are also popular, although they don't keep you as warm, and give that extra touch of lady-like grace to any dress. (Photo: Watters)

Embellished Backs: Autumn and Winter wedding dresses with embellishments have always been popular, and now the focus is on the back of dresses. Whether it is lace, beading or jewels, the bride is sure to impress her guests with eye-catching details on the back of her wedding gown. (Photo: Ines-DiSanto).

What trends are your favorite for Autumn/Winter bridal gowns?

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