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Save $ On Your Centerpieces!

The Empress Estate wedding venue has some quick and EASY ideas to save money on your centerpieces at your wedding!

Are you trying to fill a cylinder vase with a candle atop a bed of clear rock gems, flower petals, cranberries, or crystals? Try putting a clear plastic cup upside down in the vase and set the candle on top of the cup! This takes up volume in the vase and allows you to put in less of the filler of your choice! Less filler= you SAVE $!!!!

Want to use flowers in your centerpieces? Take a tip from Beauty and the Beast and try using three vases and submerging a single flower in each vase using a fishhook and weight with your choice of crystals or rock gems at the bottom! The Empress Estate loves this centerpiece's visual appeal so much that we have featured it as one of our house centerpieces! This centerpiece provides romance while also cutting the flower cost! You can use a different type of flower in each vase, the same flower, or the same flower in a different color in each vase, allowing it to be totally customizable.

Happy savings!

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