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The New Kind of "Bar" Part 2

Today we are going to continue our discussion of different kinds of "bars" you can have at your wedding to give the event a unique appeal! There are many different kinds of "bars" popping up for the 2014 wedding season and The Empress Estate Wedding Venue has chosen another of its favorites to highlight!

This Portland/Vancouver Wedding Venue has some suggestions of different "bars" you could have at your wedding. Today's "bar" choice? The frozen yogurt "bar"!

Frozen Yogurt "Bar":

The frozen yogurt "bar", much like the potato bar, is open to create interpretation! You can make your frozen yogurt "bar" look vintage by setting up classic glass sundae dishes for guests to serve themselves in; or it can accommodate a country wedding by providing mason jars for serving! Want a more laid back feel? Try serving your frozen yogurt in cardboard containers like at your favorite frozen yogurt shops! You could even provide markers or colored sharpies on the tables for kids and adults... because lets be honest... one never gets TOO OLD for coloring!

Frozen yogurt is both a lighter dessert option and a healthier one than cake! Plus, it'll provide an interactive dessert for guests and appease those who prefer other desserts over cake! Want some variation? Serve a variety of flavors: cake batter, raspberry cheesecake, and a decadent chocolate! You could even serve some Vegan options like Frozen Yogurt made from coconut milk or almond milk, soy-free options, and gluten-free options! This "bar" also allows your guests to customize their side dish with a variety of toppings! Set out a variety of sweet toppings and even a few savory options. Give your guests a choice of , seasonal berries, cookie dough bites, crushed candy bars, bacon, chocolate, strawberry, and caramel sauce, gummy bears, almonds, oats, coconut shavings, etc.!

What kinds of toppings are your favorites for frozen yogurt? We can just imagine a frozen yogurt "bar" here at an estate wedding at The Empress Estate. We picture vintage sundae dishes with an elegant selection of toppings with handwritten cursive signs in antique frames in front of the different toppings and frozen yogurt selections!

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