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The New Kind of "Bar" Part 1

Want something unique at your wedding? A kind of "bar" that will keep your guests happy and accommodate all ages!? The Empress Estate Wedding Venue is excited about all the exciting options that can make your wedding one of a kind!

This Portland/Vancouver Wedding Venue has some suggestions of different "bars" you could have at your wedding. Today's "bar" choice? The mashed potato bar!

Mashed Potato "Bar":

The mashed potato "bar", much like the potato, is a blank slate! You can make your mashed potato "bar" look posh by setting up martini glasses for guests to serve themselves in; or it can accommodate a country wedding by providing mason jars for serving! The potato is both a hearty side dish and a cheap dish! Want some variation? Serve a variety of mashes: yukon potatoes, sweet potatoes, and a garlic red potato mash! Even if you don't want all mashes this type of "bar allows you that flexibility! You can serve a mashed potato, a fried potato, and a baked potato! This "bar" also allows your guests to customize their side dish with a variety of toppings as well as an interactive experience! Plus, you can top the potato with just about anything! So take your choice of chives, bacon, sour cream, cheese, peas, corn, salsa, sauteed garlic, etc.!

What kinds of toppings are your favorites for the spud?

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